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My previous domain ( was pulled from me, so be sure to re-add my relay ( if you were on the old one

Note: It's set to require approval, so it'll show as "Waiting for relay's approval" in mastodon until I accept it. Not sure how pleroma works though

#FediAdmin #RelayAdmin

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What happened to 

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Yes I am a :gay_furr: :gay_bad_dragon: furry, :furry_trash: :ablobcool: yes I am a 🦁feline species,🐱 yes I am 💍🤵👰married👬💒 to a 🐶canine🐕 fur, it is almost 🕛👀🎆2020!!!🎆😱 :pikasurprisel: Get over it already, 👿💢haters!!!😠 :angery:

lucario can have little a wealth redistribution

oh also i found this sort of meme and i figured y’all would like

lineless doodle of Pel, may be a YCH soon 

Here is the Fdroid decision on banning the fake-feminist Gab spin-off #Spinster:

👏 👏 👏

Figured out I just had to remove 1 line to get it to work again

Why can I not enable more relays!? They literally just push to /inbox and grab actors. Secure mode shouldn't affect that

I don't really know how to explain this but the canadian internet registration authority has decided to produce a set of stock images

*tiny knocking on your door*

hi! im lucario from Pokémon. are you registered to vo-

> Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure.
> [...] a browser may be blocked from signing in for the following reasons:
> - Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.

So Google says that not only is JavaScript not harmful, it actually __improves__ your security.

This has to be the hottest take I've seen this year. :brain4:

if anyone’s gonna ask me what mastodon is i’m just gonna show them this picture

Not sure how the image was marked as sensitive but whatever

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